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Attempting to change directory and re-import database

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  • Attempting to change directory and re-import database


    I have recently copied all of my old music off of my old, two HD compute onto a new, one HD computer; the only difference in directory was the drive letter, so I figured it would be a simple enough case of exporting, changing all instances of D: to C: and reimporting. Sadly this has had no effect and I cannot find any other documentation besides people whom the process seems to have worked for. Any feedback would be very much appreciated. By the way, when winamp starts, my optical drive/cd-drive whirs... Despite not having any cd present. I would be very interested to know why, especially as this is accompanied by a bizarre spike of lag.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Optical drive\CD is whirring because that is now your D drive... I guess...

    There is a way to Export Database and then edit it as I know I have looked into this one before. I'll dig out what I did, but I know I have popped copies of the database out into a spreadsheet before.

    Just noticed the "Export Media Database" that will give you an Apple iTunes XML file. You could try an export into that format, then load the file up in Notepad++ and do a massive search and replace for D:\ and change to C:\. Then clear the Winamp database and reimport from the edited file.

    (Obviously BACKUP first....)


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      Actually... ignore the iTunes import\export as that assumes all your ratings are in the digital files themselves.

      Do an export, and the look at the file. See if it hold enough information for you. It all depends on what it is in your Winamp database that is important to you.


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        Don't know if this still works... but this is what I think I did to get the data out of Winamp's database and into a file I could read in Excel.

        Edit... as per Dr.O's post before, I just found a dead old link via search. So have binned the link to stop confusion. Dr O has the correct answer below. I knew there was a method somewhere.


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          the version you've referenced in siebe's post is the massively old version of what is the current ml_impex which is shipped in Winamp. so really best to not try to even install that version (don't think it even works with current Winamp versions anyway + would overwrite the current version and undo all of the bug fixes it has had).

 has the means to dump to a csv for import into Excel if you're looking for that.

          fixed incorrect _ in the above link

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            DrO - you may want to check your link. It goes to a dead page. Don't think you want that underscore in your URL

            (I have killed my rubbish search link above... it did seem a little old...)


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              People are reporting that the Winamp Backup Tool can do the job.

              I plan on trying it in the next few weeks.