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Files invisible and folders added on HDD

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  • Files invisible and folders added on HDD

    Dear Winamp,

    I really love you guys and have been using winamp ever since it come out.
    But now I made a comeplete scan from all my drives (local media watch folders) and suddenly all the folders on my I:/ drive are empty and I have a ton of new folders there with 1 song in them!
    Any idea how I can restore this?
    I have been trying everything but im really clueless atm.

    Using win7 btw.

    Any help is apreciated...thanks!

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    Did you try system restore?


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      Are you saying that the actual files on the hard drive are gone? What do you see when you use Windows Explorer? If the files are missing with Windows Explorer, then this will not be Winamp's fault as it sounds more like a failed external hard drive.

      Do you have a backup of your music on a different external drive? If not - it is going to be File Recovery Software time.