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Dialog pops up when double clicking in playlist

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  • Dialog pops up when double clicking in playlist

    All of a sudden, I am getting a dialog box when I double click an item in the playlist.

    This never happened before.

    I am using 5.61 x86. Registered pro version.

    The dialog says "Add files to playlist."

    This is new behavior. How do I turn it off?

    I am not using any extra plugins or anything.

    Thank you

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    Using Babylon software, maybe?

    From the FAQ

    Open Files dialog appears when double-clicking in playlist (Babylon 8 related)
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    btw, you should upgrade to 5.621. Upgrades are free.

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      H Thanks for the reply.

      I'm not using Babylon, though I did see references to that as being associated with this problem when I searched.

      Not sure how to account for this, but the problem seems to have disappeared as mysteriously as it first appeared.

      Thank, again.


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        may have been a click error/glitch
        let us know if it returns
        thanks rob
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