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Windows 7 tray alert font colors

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  • Windows 7 tray alert font colors


    I don't know what's the name of this type of "alert" on Winamp, sorry

    (I used two alerts side by side to show, they appear one at the time)

    But check the font colors, with this green tone, it's like that since I upgraded to Windows 7.
    I'm using the default Basic theme on Windows 7. All alerts are like this.

    I'm using the Bento skin on Winamp.

    How can I fix it?


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    Really, nobody?


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      i thought it was mentioned in one of the known bug report threads but cannot find it now.

      it's been mentioned a few times and seems to be a combination of how things work on Vista / Windows 7, cleartype and something else which i cannot remember. though i cannot remember what people did (if at all) to work around the issue - though is more down to something in the modern skin engine not working quite right, though i don't think anyone has looked into it (or is likely to any time soon).

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        Here's a previous thread:
        Did you find a bug in Winamp? Can you reproduce it? Let us know, we'll try to fix it as soon as possible!

        It's called the Notifier (Bento skin > Options menu > Notifications)

        Seems like it was a combination of having ClearType fonts enabled in Windows, and having desktop alpha blending option enabled in Winamp (Prefs > Skins > Modern Skins), although I can't personally reproduce the problem....

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          likewise, i have seen it in the past but between OS changes, driver updates and just general passing of time i've not been seeing it happen for a while now.

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            Guys, thank you very much for the reply. When I posted I had no idea what to search, I made some for 'Alert', but with no luck.

            Thanks for explaining and the other thread.