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  • Winamp mobile device sync

    Hey guys, I wanted to use my phone as a music player without having to go through too much trouble. I've been using Winamp for countless years but got familiar with Winamp for Android and WiFi Sync few weeks ago. I connected my mobile device (Samsung Galaxy S II) with my computer, and everything went well.

    I created a playlist on my device ("Djamm") but when I drag some music from my computer to my playlist but it never goes to the playlist. It goes through the transfer process but never reaches my playlist. I have to click on my device in Winamp, pick the songs from the list library and right click and choose "Send to playlist". That sucks.

    Also when I finish doing that and my song goes to the playlist, it has some weird Artist name, "external/??". So I right click on it, choose "Remove from playlist" but it stays on the playlist!

    Can anyone tell me the right way to do this? Thanks in advance.

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    Can I get some kind of a response?


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      Admins?? Experts??? ANYone?????

      Holy crap I have this same exact problem and I can't find one Scrap of help Anywhere on the forums!!

      I've got a Bionic though.

      *Alllll* I want to do is move the *actual playlist*(the .m3u file or whatever) of songs to my phone(NOT the songs themselves!!! They're already there!!), *after* building it on my PC, cuz the stupid Android Winamp won't add folders of music to my playlist correctly!! Also it won't let me overwrite existing playlists either, which is just strange...

      Can ANYone out there help us?!?!?