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Question: Info on .ALB files

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  • Question: Info on .ALB files

    I'm hoping someone can tell me what is generating these .alb files that are created
    on my pmp after a transfer from winamp. I want to find the source and stop them from beeing created. I've found very little info on the net about them, i think its an MTP related thing ?

    I'm trying to fix the art too small on my portable. If the files have embedded artwork
    they are ignored if the folder has an *.alb file,Get rid of the .alb file and the embedded
    art works shows up at a good full screen size.
    I also tried some some scripting and that doesn't work,
    i mean scripting to find / delete any .alb file.. maybe because they are 0 bytes and hidden ?

    If i could find the .dll responsible for these i could prob hex edit the binary and
    change the name to something the player willl not recognize like .tmp instead etc
    And this would probably make me 100% content with winamp finally lol

    I've struggled with the art / portable issue with my last 3 pmp's for a couple years now
    and its getting to be a tiring pain the butt !!!

    Oh yeah and MSC may be a better way to go with my pmp instead of MTP
    but it doesn't show up in Winamp like that..

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    Just wanted to add that if there is anything I can do to help with my issue let me know..

    The key issue is this is my 3rd or 4th player in a row that I have used with winamp
    and as always im stuck with album art that is waaay too small for the device.
    It sucks and looks awefull !

    If i go and do manual steps there is no problem but if i have to manualy screw
    around with album art then what is the point in even using winamp anyway ?

    Lastly this is no new issue like i said i've had several players with this issue
    stretching years now and its getting old.. WMP does not have this problem either
    but WMP sucks .

    Its not like im asking for anything other than basic support here lol

    a reply ? anybody care ?