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problem configuring winamp with show presenter

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  • problem configuring winamp with show presenter

    I've recently installed a Karaoke program from Sax and Dotty, called "Show Presenter v2008.2.29". Now, when i downloaded it, three mandatory elements must be downloaded as well. Winamp, and 2 plugins - MPb3+g Plugin (Lyrics)-Pacemaker Plugin (Keychange). Now, how it's supposed to work is, you open show presenter, then it should automatically open Winamp. But instead when i open "Show Presenter, nothing happens. I just manually open Winamp. I'm suppose to be able to find the music i want using the search feature in "Show Presenter, which i do, then click on the song i want to play and it should load up and play with the winamp program, but thats not what happens! What happens emmediatly after i click the song i want to play using "Show Presenter", is the - WINAMP NOT FOUND, THIS APPLICATION HAS NOT BEEN CONFIGURED PROPERLY OR THE WINAMP WINDOW HAS BEEN CLOSED! - then i'll click OK, and i'll get another Error saying - APPLICATION INSTALLATION ERROR, SORRY BUT WINAMP DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE INSTALLED. PLEASE INSTALL WINAMP TO IT'S DEFAULT LOCATION OR CONFIGURE THE APPLICATION TO USE A DIFFERENT PATH FROM THE OPTIONS SCREEN.
    If anyone can help with this, i would be so thankfull! It's been driving me nuts!

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    as it's a 3rd party program (and being karaoke it's even more specialised than more people use here), you may get a better response from trying to contact the author for support assuming they're still around and that the software you're trying to use is even compatible with current Winamp versions (having to assume you're using a currently supported Winamp version).

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      john, did you ever get your problem squared away? if not I can walk you through it


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        win amp and show presenter error message

        I have the same problem with this error message. can you help?