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Audio stutters while browsing

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  • Audio stutters while browsing


    I am listeing to the winamp radio channels via this site but my sound is glitching or stuttering when I browse whatever site at the same time. I have searched google and tried many things but no luck so far. I updated to the latest adobe flash, tried another browsers but it didn't help. Before i start sepcualting too much I'd like to ask your help and advice how to solve this problem and what is the reason for this.


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    First of all you need to figure out: Is it the streaming audio that's not getting enough bandwidth causing the stuttering? Or is winamp not getting enough CPU etc.

    Try with another media player to see what happens. If it keeps happening, then probably browsing is taking up to much bandwidth and causing you the issue.


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      I decided to reinstall my XP as nothing seemed to help and now it works again, no problems at all. I think it was some of my system drivers that caused it. Thanks for trying to help!