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    Hi guys my winamp is doing the weirdest thing for some time now.Somehow all my sounds windows,programs,players,application are synchronized with winamps volume control and equalizers.When I turn amp volume to 0 all other sounds are muted same when I increase it.I'm using winamp 5.08 on windows XP sp 2 on a Realtek HD Audio

    So my question is what can be doing this is it some kind of bug or it's an option i don't know about?

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    It is highly recommended to use thee DirectSound plug-in instead of waveOut.
    1. Winamp > Ctrl+P (for preferences)
    2. Plug-ins > Output
    3. double click Nullsoft DirectSound Output
    4. Other tab
    5. make sure 'Enable volume control' is checkmarked, you may also want to check mark 'Smooth volume changes'
    6. in the 'Volume control' dropdown box select 'Linear'
    7. Apply button > OK button > close out of Prefs
    That should take care of the issue. Although not necessary, close & restart Winamp to ensure changes fully take effect.

    Additionally, you have an old version of Winamp. We always recommend to keep WA updated. The latest version as of this reply is 5.622.
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