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Keep winamp settings, ratings, etc with update

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  • Keep winamp settings, ratings, etc with update

    Is there anyway to keep all settings the same as per ratings, playlists, plugins, etc when I update the program?

    I do remember that in the past whenever I updated I basically had to start from scratch with everything including any tagging and rating that I have done with the previous version?

    Is this normal with an update or is there something I don't know that I can do to keep my settings and such when updating winamp?

    Thanks in advance for help with this issue

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    updating just requires running the installer against the previous install location - there's generally never been a need to uninstall before installing the new version.

    you can also use to create a backup of the Winamp settings including all of the library data, etc.

    also, the last few versions of Winamp can directly save the rating into the files themselves (if supported for the file format) by going to preferences -> media library -> library options tab -> check 'Save ratings to file for compatible formats' and then you'd need to re-rate all of the files to force Winamp to save the rating into the files.

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        Thanks for the quick reply!

        I'll try that backup tool, and install over the previous version instead of uninstalling this time. Don't like the embedding ratings into the actual file, but the other options sound good.



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          you don't have to embed the ratings in the file tag, but it's one way to ensure they remain (though i personally think it's better not having it in the file but then you're relying on nothing going wrong with the database, etc).

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            i love embedding the rating, and its made winamp by far my fave music app. much safer too... i never have a problem installing new over old, retains all settings, etc.
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