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How to get song list to scroll to currently playing song?

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  • How to get song list to scroll to currently playing song?

    Winamp 5.621, Big Bento Skin
    Windows 7 Professional

    When I am playing a song in the Media Library / Local Media tab, and I manually hit the "next" button, the song will change to the next song (it is currently on shuffle). However, the list itself will not move, and whatever song I previously had highlighted will remain highlighted.

    I would like it if the list moved / updated as the song changed, so that I can see the currently playing song at all times in the list.

    As an example, this feature is automatically enabled when I go to the "Playlist" tab. I just would like it to do it in the "media library" tab as well.

    Thank you!

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    the media library doesn't track the currently playing file and so there's no native means to do what you're asking for (and has been asked by a number of other people over the years). there's no plug-in which is able to do this either as it would need to be done in the library plug-in(s).

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