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Incorrect CD Info [Resolved - mislabelled CD]

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  • Incorrect CD Info [Resolved - mislabelled CD]

    I have been having fun loading my CD library onto my laptop via Winamp for a couple of weeks now without much of a hitch (since being alerted to the windows character limit!)
    However, today I have run into a bit of a problem. Loading my four Capercaillie albums (don't laugh!) I discovered that Winamp/Gracenote stubbornly refuses to recognise the true identity of the last of the four albums. The CD in question is: The Blood Is Strong - a 25 track extravaganza. The software resolutely and stubbornly insists that the CD is actually: Glenfinnan (Songs of the '45) which only has 9 tracks. I have tried various edits but to no avail. It is a proper and authentic (as far as I am aware) Capercaillie CD, so what is the problem?
    Any suggestions please?

    [EDIT: My apologies to Winamp/Gracenote! I seem to have a 'trojan horse' or maybe even a 'sheep in wolf's clothing'! Further exploration reveals that the actual CD I have appears to be a mis-labelled and incorrectly packaged 9-track product. I've had it for years so there's no option to return to the vendor. So the software has exposed the fraudulent CD for what it truly is - just goes to show how memory fades and how buying a disc sung in the celtic tongue can fool you! Doh!

    Please stand down and call off the guards!

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    Thanks for letting us know with the edit.
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