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I can't rename an mp3 file because the file is open in winamp

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  • I can't rename an mp3 file because the file is open in winamp


    If I am playing an mp3 in winamp, I cannot rename the file. This doesn't happen when I use windows media player.

    Is there a way to get around this for winamp so that i can rename mp3 files while they are being played in winamp. I want to do this so that I can clean up my mp3 files while playing them.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello nonameman,
    I have not yet tried renaming a file during a play in Winamp or Windows Media Player.
    On my husband's computer I couldn't change the tags in a file via right-click and properties, while it was opened and played in his Windows Media Player. I couldn't also do it, when I was checking a new file in IrfanView on my computer to choose a genre. I am wondering, that You can rename a file, although it is currently played in Windows Media Player. Maybe I should test it with new incoming files.
    A file can be tagged directly in the playlist editor of Winamp, while the file is played, I have already done it. But for renaming a file I would suggest to wait, until the next track is played or until the playlist editor is cleared.
    Maybe someone else has another suggestion.
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      You cannot rename a file while it is still open. In order to do this you have to wait until the application gives up ownership of the file(releases the handle) and in general this happens when the file has been fully buffered.
      I'm guessing WMP continues to buffer the full file immediately and releases the handle almost straight away whereas Winamp uses a limited input buffer and generally needs to finish playing first.

      To get around your problem you will need to go to Prefs > Input > Nullsoft MPEG audio decoder > Config > General > Full File Buffering and increase the lower limit to 99999.

      Note that this only applies to mp3 and aac.

      wma should work OK as it uses the same playback as WMP, but other formats you will need to wait for the track to end.



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        Hi UJ

        This solution works. Thank you very much.