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  • Wont Discover devices

    i hit discover about 1,000 times. downloaded ml_ipod. clicked discover 1,000 times.nothing happens!!!
    ipod says, "connected"

    why isnt it working properly?
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    I'm guessing English isn't your first language. There are sub forums lower down where you can talk in your native language.

    I will take a guess at an answer for you. I assume you are using a newer iPod? Apple block the newer devices from working with anything that is not iTunes. Apple force their owners to use iTunes to transfer data to their iDevices. They don't like other people touching their hardware.

    Winamp can still be used to organise your music library, but iTunes will be needed to transfer them to your Apple device. Don't blame Winamp - blame Apple. Almost every other music player uses a standard method of copying data to their devices.

    If you want more detailed support it would help to say which generation of iPod you have, which version of Winamp installed, which OS, and so on. See the stickie at the top of the forum.