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Problem with Winamp 5.5 and m3u Playlist-association.

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  • Problem with Winamp 5.5 and m3u Playlist-association.

    I am using winamp 5.5.x with Windows 7 (32bit).
    Cause I have loads of classical music which I always used to play with Winamp, I have many m3u-playlists on my PC (e.g. one for each of my favorite composers, named like "Grieg - Edvard (lyric-pieces).m3u").

    I never had this problem before, but after I had to reinstall Winamp, because somehow suddenly I was unable to rate songs (the "stars" disappeared somehow after I closed Winamp).
    After reinstalling Winamp the rating-stars are working like before (as they shoud) but the m3u-playlists on my desktop doesn't open in Winamp, like before. Although I kept the m3u-file-associtions with winamp marked during the installation process.

    Even more bad: a right-click on a m3u-playlist-file and the trial to re-associate them with winamp doesn't work any more, because Winamp doesn't show up in the "open this filetype with ..."- dialog.
    So I tried to pick winamp.exe manually to associate this stupid m3u-files with it like it was before, but Windows doesn't care about this 'assosiation' of m3u's with winamp.

    Only associating winampa.exe shows up in the right-click-dialog of my windows 7 but associating my playlist with winampa.exe doesn't work at all.

    Windows 7 offers all (installed!) kinds of media-players to associate with these stupid m3u-playlists (including VLC-mediaplayer which I prefer for watching my Youtube-Videos)...
    but Winamp behaves like it is not installed at all (at least for opening and assciating m3u-playlists).
    Only the association of mp3-files works as it should, rightclick on a mp3 on my desktop still shows Winamp as a Programm to "associate" or "open with" dialog!

    Of course I can help myself with a 'workaround': I first open Winamp an the drag and drop my winamp-playlist-files into winamp, that works... but thats a very unsatisfyign 'solution'

    Hope anybody has an Idea, how I will be able to open my m3u-playlist via double-click right away from my desktop like before, cause it's very uncomfortable to always drag-and-drop my playlists into Winamp.

    Sorry when my english is not so good, Im a bit out of practice writing in english.
    Thanks for help in advance,


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    latest version of winamp is 5.623 I suggest updating first.

    winamp 5.5 came out before windows 7


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      I updated to the latest version as suggested and now everything works nicely again.