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hot keys don't function anymore

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  • hot keys don't function anymore

    for some reason my hotkeys don't function anymore. i have no idea what is causing this since i didn't update winamp. i just updated to the latest build hoping that this would fix the problem but the hotkeys still dont work like they used to.

    I have a Microsoft keyboard that comes with a PLAY/PAUSE button which Winamp would register not it doesn't anymore.

    When I go to options- hot keys the
    Playback Stop
    Playback Play/Pause
    Playback Previous in Playlist
    Playback Next in Playlist

    hotkeys are all marked with a red X in front of them.

    If I click: RESTORE DEFAULTS I get an error "Hotkey registration failed! Could not register the following hotkeys:

    Playback Stop
    Playback Play/Pause
    Playback Previous in Playlist
    Playback Next in Playlist"

    what causes this?

    thanks a million

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    alright i found what was causing this:

    apples iTunes was opened in the background and for some reason itunes has more rights than winamp and will cause this conflict.

    i dont use itunes as a music player. i hate itunes but i will open itunes for my iphone and it will always ruin the winamp settings.

    how can i tell windows xp that winamp is more important to me so the hotkeys are for winamp only and not itunes.


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      if multiple programs try to register the same hotkey(s) then the first program which manages to do it will be the one seen as the important one. that's how the hotkey system in Windows works. other than making sure not to have iTunes open before Winamp is started, there's not too much i think you can do (unless iTunes provides a way to disable the hotkeys).

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