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  • Playlists don't work

    Here's the situation:

    All my music is stored in an external disc connected via USB. But, everytime i disconnect the disc and/or change the USB port, my playlists don't work anymore, even (sometimes) when I connect back the disc to the original port. The playlists show the items, but they don't work because apparently the directories are changed. Is there a way to prevent this? Or, if not, is there an easy way to, say, redirect the directories or edit the playlists so they work again?

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    there are two types of playlists, absolute path, and relative path. you should google that.

    afaik tho, if you reconnect to the same drive letter, they should work if they worked before.
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      Thanks for the illumination, MrSinatra. I already googled it and found out how to edit my playlists (and I've already done it too).

      If there's somebody out there with the same problem, you just have to open your m3u playlists in a text editor and rewrite the directories. For example, if you want to change the absolute path to a relative path, change:

      C:/documents/music/Screaming Trees/Sweet Oblivion/Nearly lost you


      Screaming Trees/Sweet Oblivion/Nearly lost you

      in every single item and that's it.


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        ... Oh, and be sure your playlist is in your Music folder.