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  • Press Space to pause the music


    The title says it all! I want to hit the space bar to pause/resume the music. It is much bigger and harder to miss than the other keys, which is good since I'm pausing/playing when I'm leaving the room / sitting back on my chair, so I'm hardly in front of the computer, and don't wanna have to waste 2 seconds each time looking at the keyboard.

    I found old forum threads about this here, but nothing recent. So I'm asking: is it possible to change the accelerator now?

    I'm not the only one who wants this, it is obviously a thing:

    Of course, I do not want to use a global hotkey. I need my spacebar when typing!

    Thank you for your help!

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    when winamp is in the foreground, i'd also like to be able to do this.
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      This (homemade) autohotkey program works for me

      only turns spacebar into pause when main window or playlist or video (default behaviour there) are in focus and nowhere else. it's compiled to an .exe file so should work on any pc.
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        Yep, that would be very useful!


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          Thank you sir!

          Also, I use AHK for a lot of stuff, so I just added:


          #IfWinActive, ahk_class BaseWindow_RootWnd
          Space::Send c

          to my existing running AHK script. Simple hackaround for a simple problem!



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            the one above won't work for all skin types (is using a modern skin specific window class which ignores classic skins entirely).
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              Yeah, just use the window spy to determine the class of the window you're dealing with. It's still a pain when trying to find songs to turn off ahk to put a space in. Anyone else have a better solution for this?


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                use <something> + space in the native hotkey support in Winamp instead of trying to solely use space e.g. Ctrl + Space
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