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    Hey there

    I am currently using Winamp v5.623 and I am having absolutely no luck with the advanced title formatting.
    How I would like it to be set up: Winamp should read the title, album artist, album and genre metadata fields if available. Otherwise files without any metadata tags and with the filename ex.: "Survivor - Eye of the Tiger" should be read as "Artist - Title" and this information should be inserted into the correct fields.
    Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.


    ps: I hope I formulated my post accurately enough, so that is somewhat comprehensible.

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    A command could be formulated to do the first part of what you want, but it would probably be too long to fit in the available space. Namely test if all 4 tags are available and display each one if they are (you did not say how you want them separated, spaces or hyphens?) and if all 4 tags are not available then parse the filename and display it as indicated (assuming all filenames are formulated as indicated).

    It would not be possible to use ATF to write tags, it only reads them.

    I suggest you take the time and use a 3rd party tagger to properly tag your files. It would then be much easier to display a customized string for the song titles.
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      Thanks for the response!

      don't think you quite understood my dilemma.
      The first part of your response is correct: "test if all 4 tags are available and display each one if they are". I don't want them separated in any way....Just displayed in the correct column (Track Number/Title/Album Artist etc...).
      My problem is if there is a COMPLETE ABSENCE of I stated in my first post.
      Lets say I have the music file "Boston - More than a Feeling", I then want Winamp to read these files without tags as "Artist - Track Name" and output this info to the correct column. There is no need for Winamp to create any tags at all! It merely has to be able to READ the filename, interpret it as stated above and leave everything blank, for which there is no corresponding tag.



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        your posts are not clear which is why you're likely not gotten the response that you were wanting.

        is this about importing files into the library? (the talk about fields seems to relate to it but it's not explicitly clear). if so then the ATF functions have nothing to do with files being added to the library. the ATF feature is mainly about the display in the playlist editor and some parts of the UI but not about how titles and psuedo-metadata are obtained from files which are lacking with any viable metadata.

        the only things which provide control over the handling on importing metadata-less files into the library is at preferences -> media library -> local media -> watch folders tab -> 'metadata reading settings' and on the dialog shown by the 'configure' button (which isn't likely to suit the format of your files anyway).

        if it's not about getting things into the library, then you need to clarify _where_exactly_ as i'm only posting this to get clarification for anyone else who might consider trying to help you.

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          I spent a pretty good chunk of time tweaking and perfecting an advanced title format that is really nice and helpful.

          If there is an album artist, then it displays as:
          AlbumArtist - Album (Year) - Track# - Artist - Title
          Any missing tags from the above are omitted, but the formatting stays consistent.

          If there is no album artist, then it displays as:
          Artist - Album (Year) - Track# - Title
          Any missing tags from the above are omitted, but the formatting stays consistent.

          If there is no title tag, then it displays the filename in brackets:

          Here is the "Advanced title display format" to do it:

          [$if(%albumartist%,$IfStrEqual2(%albumartist%,%artist%,%artist%' - ',$cut(%albumartist%,20)' - '),$if(%artist%,%artist%' - ',))$if(%album%,$cut(%album%,20)' '$if(%year%,'('%year%') ',)'- ',$if(%year%,'('%year%') - ',))$if(%tracknumber%,%tracknumber%' - ',)$if(%albumartist%,$IfStrEqual2(%albumartist%,%artist%,,%artist%' - '),)$if(%title%,%title%,)]$if(%title%,,'['$filepart(%filename%)']')