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Keeping the library-ratings after upgrading

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  • Keeping the library-ratings after upgrading

    Dear community,

    first of all - I'm not a native speaker, so sorry for all misspelings in advance

    Currently I got the Winamp version 5.541.
    Because of the fact that my computer is running very slow, I want to reinstall Windows 7.
    The problem is that I have rated about 1000 of my favourite songs untill now and I want to keep these ratings, of course. Therefore I did a bit research on the internet and found a program called "Winamp Backup Tool", which could apparently save my adjustments and ratings. The problem is that it needs at least Winamp version to work.
    That means I have to update my version, but when I tried to do this it looked like a reinstallation of Winamp, rather than an upgrade and I canceled it. I'm a bit afraid, that I will lose my ratings with this update/reinstallation.

    Does anybody know how I could proceed?

    I'm looking forward to your answers

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    what kind of files are your songs? mp3?

    in winamp 5.63, you can toggle a pref to turn on the ability to save ratings IN tags. you can safely install 5.63 over an older version, (or at least, you should be able to). winamp backup tool would be good, but your version is, as you said, too old.

    5.63 will install over your old version. after it is installed, you need to turn on the pref to save ratings to tag, sort by ratings column, and "rerate" everything you rated. the ratings will then be in the tag.
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      thanks for the information it was very useful..
      have a good day