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Album art is not syncing to Android phone

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  • Album art is not syncing to Android phone

    I save album art as cover.jpg files in each album folder (i.e. artist/album/cover.jpg). I like to use my own pictures for album art, not something selected by an album art finder.

    That being said, the WinAmp sync feature will not transfer these files to my Android phone, the Samsung GS3. Music transfers fine, but the jpeg files just do not go. I also do not like using the embed feature because it reduces resolution and my mp3 player, PowerAmp, occasionally does not show embedded album art. But it will show the cover.jpg file every time.

    So atm, I am having to copy and paste my entire collection so the picture files go properly.

    Am I doing something wrong? How can I fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Anyone? Bueller?

    If this is an issue that can't be fixed, I'm fine with that. But I wouldn't mind if someone could just confirm that. Are there any mods here that can give me any sort of info on the issue? Even just to tell me you don't know? Or I will have to settle with manual file transfer? I won't be upset, just want to know, that's all.

    Thanks again for listening.


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      you have to provide the info required in the stickies, such as ver, os, etc...
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