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  • Edit File Info Resets

    I'm sure this is a minor issue with the system. I downloaded winamp and am running it with no other software and have not tampered with it. For the longest time the shortcut ctrl e brought up the edit file info tab and still does; however after updating info and then proceeding to perform any other task with the files (calculate replay gain for example), all of the information resets to what it was or blanks out. I have never had this happen, nor have I changed anything in the player's settings. Please help save me the frustration of individually editing each friggin song with the right click option!!!!!

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    ctrl+E and alt+3 still work for me.

    are you sure the checkbox for "update a files tag" is checked?
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      I'm fairly certain it has been checked, but just to be sure I selected all the songs to the option just to be sure. If this doesn't change the issue I've been having I'll post again. Otherwise thanks.