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Keyboard Shortcut: Switching focus to Playlist Editor

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  • Keyboard Shortcut: Switching focus to Playlist Editor


    Can't believe this hasn't been asked before... I'm a keyboard shortcut junkie and like to switch the focus between the Main window and the Playlist Editor. If this function is winamp, then it is hidden quite well. I found an old shortcut: ctrl+tab, which is supposed to do that - if that ever worked, now in 5.63 it doesn't. In the "getting started" page I found an entry in the Mac shortcut section, which might seem to do the work:

    Show the currently playing song in the list: Command-L

    It does not work in Windows 7 32-bit, which I'm using. I hate to use the mouse to switch forth and back between those two most important windows! I need it especially for quick removal of the current song out of the current playlist btw. My suggestion would be:

    F6: Main Window
    F7: Playlist Editor

    These two are unused anyway!

    Can someone help? Thanks.


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    ctrl+tab does work on 5.63 as long as you're using a classic skin or a modern skin which as separate windows - using the bento skin will not work since everything is typically combined in the one window and ctrl+tab won't work on embedded elements.

    things related to the 'mac' version are unlikely to have any correspondence with the windows version of Winamp.

    there aren't any direct hotkeys which will do what you want. the nearest might be using the UI: Toggle xxx option but that also depends in part on the skin being used (as the all-in-one skins may not work in the manner you want with that). otherwise, you're out of luck on anything natively doing this.

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      But I love the Bento skin I even thought about switching to classic skins, strg+tab just seemed logical to work there... But I don't see myself switching back. Bento is a huge improvement for me.

      I tried to use the UI:toggle commands, but all they do is hide/unhide the respective window. The old current focus still remains, so it's of no use.

      Due to Bento being the new official face of winamp, this should be supported in my oppinion. Either a new kind of implementation, or some kind of compatibility mode to use ctrl+tab.

      Thanks for the help!



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        bento is over 5 years old so it's not really "new". i see where you're coming from but it was looked into when the single-ui (SUI) type skins were more the norm and bastardising the existing ctrl+tab behaviour isn't a good thing to do (since it would make things inconsistent in non-SUI skins as well as when you're using a SUI skin and there are external windows to it (as can happen with 3rd party plug-ins).

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