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Winamp - edcast not working with win7

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  • Winamp - edcast not working with win7

    I have just upgraded my PC from Windows XP to win7 ultimate x64
    On XP I had winamp and edcast for my online radio station and it worked perfectly without a hitch, but when I installed win7 everything went wrong..

    I installed winamp, and edcast exactly the same way as I previously did, and then got the lame file and put it in the winamp folder, however when I go to: Options > Preferences > Plugins > Dsp/Effect in winamp and click the edcast one, click configure, all I get is "error loading module" This is really getting annoying now because I help host on a gaming radio station with alot of members, and it just won't work, Can anyone help me out here? thanks :3

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    with edcast being an unsupported 3rd party plug-in there's little that anyone can do about it not working on Windows 7 unless you happen to find an alternative which may work like the updated one from here.

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      It worked! :O

      ....I love you.


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        not working anymore