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actions in older context menus Windows 8

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  • actions in older context menus Windows 8

    I just installed today. v 5.63 (x86)
    Options > Preferences > File Types
    Operating system: Windows 8

    When I select Show Winamp actions in the folder context menus, I have all file types selected, nothing happens when I r-click in Explorer. It still shows (only) the Windows Media Player option and when I hit play it still tries to use Windows Media player.

    On the Shell Options screen, I see 6 choices selected (3 for files, 3 for folders)

    I have ALL selected for Associated File TYpes.
    I have tried selecting/unseleting the Restore file associations on Winamp start
    I've tried with and without Enable Winamp agent selected.

    Some of the other changes I made Windows comes up asking for permission to let the program make the changes, but when I change the folder context menus box, no such comes up.

    There is no 'save' type button on the screen, just a close button.

    I've tried rebooting the computer as well as numerous times closing and reopening Winamp.

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    it won't work as you're trying to do as they've changed how the file types associations are set in Win8. as such you have to go to Control Panel -> Programs -> Default Programs -> Set Associations and then select Winamp and set it as the default that way.

    all of the options you've tried to set, will only have effect once you've been to the above Control Panel page in Win8. is just how things work in Win8 now for programs associating files with them and requires an update in Winamp itself to do so (which has been partially started on but i've not had the time to finish if off...).

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      Thanks daz, that worked easily.