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Alternative to tagging AVI files, using xml?

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  • Alternative to tagging AVI files, using xml?

    Howdy! (Long-time winamp user, but new to the forum.)

    So I've recently been interested in consolidating my video collection into my winamp library. I have many AVI files, which all play fine.... except they're not taggable. Found out the hard way that AVI'S aren't taggable at all, except minimally.

    So I was wondering if it's possible to use a sidecar XML doc to provide such information (such as an h-ref link to the album art jpeg---which I'll use for a movie/season poster---for instance)... and have Winamp interpret that data and display it in Big Bento just as it would metadata for any of my music.
    1) I'm not sure if this is possible to begin with. But if so, does winamp need a plugin to make this work; does the xml have to be encoded in a specific way? etc...
    2) Also, if it IS possible, I'm not familiar enough with XML to write it myself, so I'd have to request that someone knowledgeable on the subject write me up a template.

    Much appreciated!