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.WAV files not playing

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  • .WAV files not playing

    Hi, All. New to this forum. I have searched but can't find an answer to my problem. 5.63, now, as well as 5.621 (I think) previously, will not play .WAV files. I believe I had a version at one time that did. With 5.621 and after installing 5.63 when I played a .WAV, it would seem to play but there would be no sound. So, I installed Winamp Essentials and now Winamp just hangs for a while and then I get the MS message that the program has stopped working. I don't know if it helps to know but VLC plays the files with no problem. Irfanview does the same thing as 5.63 before installing Essentials - it seems to play the file but with no sound. Pazera Audio Extractor likes the file fine. All other file types I've tried play fine. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Well, I just changed the default program for .WAV's to another program and then changed it back to Winamp and now their playing fine in Winamp. So ... never mind, I guess. I don't get it ... but whatever. Thanks anyway.


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      There is some logic in what happened. Changing a default to a different program, and then putting it back to Winamp means that the OS registry entry for WAVs got totally re-written. This implies to me that you had some kind of corruption in there. Hard to say what, but the important bit is it is now fixed.