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Winamp crashes on send to devices

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  • Winamp crashes on send to devices

    I right clicked on a album in the local audio library and it kept crashing.
    Trying to send to device: Flac convert to MP3 in Very High quality CBR 320kbs Joint Stereo to a USB 2.0 thumb drive--> does 3 tracks then crashes, sometimes crashes right away.
    But if I send it to format converter it runs just fine.
    It seems it does not like to send to a slow USB drive.

    Strange why I get "Cannot find input formant for: Channels = 2, Sample Rate = 44100, Bits/Sample Rate = 24. no resample available for this input format" on some Flac audio when trying to convert Flac to All of WMA 9.2 and 10 Pro CBR or VBR at any bitrate at any Hz at any Sample Format in stereo it won't convert, this only does it on some audio files not all. The Flac Hz are different for each file but all from the same album, downloaded as Flac.
    Whish it would continue on even with the errs and tell me which songs it didn't copy
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    re: the crash, is needed.

    re-sampling from 24-bit is generally not well supported in Winamp (mainly down to variance in the encoder libraries available).
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