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  • 'Enqueue and play'-function

    I can't get Winamp's 'Windows shell file association options' to actually enqueue a thus added file (right-click file then select 'Insert enqueued files after the currently plaing file') to work properly.

    Instead of inserting the file after the one currently playing, it adds it to the end of the list. I think I have gotten the configuration right...

    ...but then it's been a while since I had to reinstall which I did yesterday.

    Any ideas what's wrong here?

    Thank you

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    Hi VenusAndMars,

    What version of Winamp are you using? With version 5.64.3418 on my computer (using your selected options), if I select the "Enqueue in Winamp" context menu command, the file(s) selected in Explorer is (are) added to the end of playlist.

    If I select the "Enqueue & Play in Winamp" command, the selected file(s) is (are) inserted after the currently playing file and playback skips to the file added (or first file in the group added).

    I believe this is the intended behavior, since 'insert after current' is a sub-option of the 'engueue & play' option added by the JTFE plug-in. The native "Enqueue in Winamp" command always added to the end of the playlist, afaik.

    Also, I need to select the "Start Winamp playing if it is not already" option to have playback start with the file(s) added, if the currently selected file is not playing. Otherwise, the file(s) is (are) added to the end of the playlist, or after the currently selected file, depending on the context menu command used, but playback does not start and the focus remains on the currently selected file.

    I normally want all enqueued files added to the end of the active playlist so that it's playback order is not changed. As you see, there are also 'engueue & play' options that will add the selected files to the queue manager and allow playback from there, which will not affect the active playlist at all.

    I love all the different (sometimes complicated) choices Winamp gives me.
    Winamp v5.9.2.10042 - Quinto Black CT v3.8 skin
    Windows 11 Home 64-bit v22H2 desktop - Logitech Z906 5.1 speaker system