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HTML code to install winamp player for my radio

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  • HTML code to install winamp player for my radio

    Hello all

    I tried to search about a similar issue, on the forum, but I didn't find

    I would like to install the" winamp player" on my site ( wordpress)

    The player concerns my own radio. Listeners will be able to click on "winamp button" (logo) and my radio will begin to diffuse music.

    My site is on wordpress blogs ( I won't precise more details on public because I don't want to do ad or any promo for my radio ) but if further informations about the name of the radio are needed, and if someone could help me for this, i will provide those informations in Private messages of course.

    So what is needed please is that code for that "specific" button.

    Tks a lot

    b Regards


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    No idea of how to do this... I think you may be in slightly the wrong section as this is the bit about the Winamp Player.

    My way of doing this? Find someone else with a blog or web page with a button and just steal the html code from that page. If you don't know how to nick the html code from another page, have a look around post an example here and I'll hack the code out for you.


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      there is no embeddable Winamp player for sites. you need a flash / HTML 5 player or just provide playlist links for people to choose a player of their own liking to play the stream.
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        Ok tks for your reply.