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How to Force USB Sync to M3U8

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  • How to Force USB Sync to M3U8

    I have an Android phone with external SD card that I use for music. The card appears as USB device in Windows 7 and WinAmp. Most of my music files have unicode names and titles.

    Is there a way to force USB sync to create Unicode M3U8 playlists files instead of M3U. I know that there is a way to save playlists manually as M3U8 however:

    1. This is very time consuming and it is not automatically sync-ed.
    2. This results in both M3U and M3U8 files to exist on USB device, which is very confusing for the player (PowerAmp) that is used to play from USB and that supports both formats.

    It seems that a simple option in the Portable Device Options dialog would do the trick.

    I see that people are complaining about this for over 5 years in the forums and there is still no solution... How come?

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    because the Winamp developers are evil and like seeing people suffer... will that do as reason? note: I'm being sarcastic in case that doesn't come across.

    I've made a note of the request so that at least gets it on the possible to do list but the key issue is a lack of time / developer resources as people expect everything for free but everything costs and such things in general would not be deemed financially worth it under normal management of things - so that means it either doesn't happen or you have to wait for a dev to have free time and a willing to do something about it...
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