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Winamp year tag is not fully shown

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  • Winamp year tag is not fully shown

    Hi ~ I have some music files whose year tag has the format YYYY-MM-DD. This format is, as far as I know, part of the standard year format although usually an abbreviated form - YYYY - is used. This format is recognized in the MP3tag program [1] I use and in the standard Tag library TagLib [2] API.

    My problem is that both winamp library and playlist do not recognize the full format. If I place the advanced title display format as [%year% - %artist% - ]$if2(%title%,$filepart(%filename%))

    Only the YYY part of the tag appears although in the 'view info' the whole of the tag - YYYY-MM-DD - appears.

    Is this a bug? Is there any configuration I'm not giving?



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    the Winamp Library doesn't store the year like that [YYYY-MM-DD] since the library has to cope with other formats than ID3v2.3 and so it just showing YYYY is expected and by design.

    if the files are not in the library then it's possible it may display that way, but as the titles of the items shown in the playlist editor are primarily based off what is in the library first (if known) then there is no config option, etc to alter this behaviour (which is how it's been since the library was added in v2.9.
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      That's a pitty :x
      Are there plans to change the display according to the file-format used in future versions?