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Does WinAmp 5.65 save Album artwork to ID3 tag?

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  • Does WinAmp 5.65 save Album artwork to ID3 tag?

    Does the latest version of WinAmp save album artwork (actually embed the artwork) into the Id3 tag? Looking to switch from MediaMonkey and this is a requirement for a suitable replacement.

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    to answer simply
    no, album artwork is not embedded into files by winamp
    to do this you will need mp3tag or similar
    thanks rob
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        Thanks guys, technically that works but I'm looking for a more seamless experience. Hopefully WinAmp will address this someday. Would love to leave MediaMonkey, but the save album art to tag feature is a deal-breaker for me. I'll keep checking back with my fingers crossed.


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          can you describe what would be more seamless vs what the plugin provides?
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