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Make winamp act as a normal window?

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  • Make winamp act as a normal window?

    Basically what I would like is some kind of plugin or mod that could change winamp so that for example if I were to move the window against the side of the screen on win7 it would do the half screen automatically thing.
    My main concern is that if I have winamp playing on my second monitor then disconnect that monitor I can't reach it and it will always open in that same place meaning I have to reconnect the monitor or reinstall winamp.
    I thought with the big bento skin it would work well as it is just a single window rather than many windows.

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    to reset winamp's window position:

    CLOSE Winamp.exe
    OPEN %appdata%\winamp\winamp.ini
    DELETE the line called "Stats" (it's in the section [WinampReg] on line 176 for me)
    SAVE winamp.ini
    OPEN winamp.exe

    hope this helps


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      I´m not sure if that´s what he asked.. with cPro2 skins you can have the "Snap window" feature you mentioned (download here). But maybe that´s not gonna solve your problem since the feature works exactly like Win7 but it doesn´t recognize the hotkeys (Win + left / right..), at least not for now, maybe at a later release it will.
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