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Left channel playing out of both speakers

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  • Left channel playing out of both speakers

    Hey all, I'm running Winamp 5.65. Recently, Winamp began playing only the left channel through both my left and right speakers. This includes audio and video files. When I plug in my headphones, all files play in proper stereo. All files play normally in any other media player, so it's not my speakers. The Winamp equalizer balance slider is set to the middle. If I drag it to the right, there's no sound at all. I've tried a clean install. As I said, this happened recently, but I don't know what could have caused it. I haven't installed anything lately, so I don't know if it could be some kind of application conflict or what. I'm at a loss! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    please post your info tool report. search the forums for it.
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