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broken input plugins?

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  • broken input plugins?

    no idea where the right place to post is about this but I was wondering if it's even possible for someone to take a look at an existing plugin and deduce why it no longer works with winamp. I forget the source of my plugin so I can't ask the author directly.

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    a start would be providing a link or copy of the plug-in along with the WinamWinamp version being used and the OS being used.
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      Didn't know where to put it so here:

      Only systems i've tried it on currently are Win7 64 bit and an XP virtual machine, although i've had it running on XP in an older PC I had built (this computer is an upgrade from an old core 2 duo machine, and it wasn't working in the fresh install of Win7)


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        all i can see is the plug-in is having an issue possibly trying to load something it needs during initialisation (at the point Winamp is trying to load it before Winamp even does anything with the plug-in) and that's why it isn't loaded.

        so maybe it relies on something specific which is not present on the OSes being used (though nothing i can check at the moment indicates what it would be) so i'd have to say it's one of the many plug-ins which just won't work.
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          ughhhh, and it's the only one that does what it does, too. At least, to my knowledge.

          edit: I have it working in a windows 98 VM. despite the XP VM being 32 bit as well, and the fact i've used it in 64 bit XP before, it doesn't seem to work.

          double edit: giving up and using the program version i found. very unwieldy, have to drag and drop files onto the exe and close them when i'm done.
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