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  • Winamp hotkey question


    I was wondering if there is a way to make a global hotkey to pick specific song rather than play next/previous song. Let's say I want to play first song in my playlist, second one, third one, 8th one, etc. Or, make each song into separate playlist so that I can pick playlist1, 2,3, 8, etc using simple global hotkey like ctrl+1. Thank you!!

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    Open up the Winamp Preferences and the browse down to General Preferences \ Global Hotkeys.

    The first thing you should check is whether the “Enabled” hotkey is checked. If it’s not, then select that and most likely that will fix your issue.

    If you need to manually change the settings instead, select the Action in the list, and then click inside the Hotkey textbox. Press the media key on your keyboard representing the function you are trying to do. For instance, I selected the Playback: Play/pause action in the list, so I pressed the Play button on my keyboard, which shows up as Play/Pause in the hotkey box.

    Make sure you click the Set button when you make the change.

    I didn't figure this out. Found it on a website. I have no idea it works or not.