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Windows Compatibility Mode ??

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  • Windows Compatibility Mode ??

    Hi !

    Since I downloaded Winamp 5.666 yesterday, I've been plagued with windows that say that it appears that Winamp has been started with Windows Compatibility Mode on.
    They suggest that I click on Winamp.exe, go to compatibility, and uncheck "Run this program in Compatibility Mode for...". I didn't have to uncheck anything, as it wasn't checked the first time I went there.

    Is this problem linked to Winamp 5.666 ?? What could I have done wrong? I can't use Winamp at all now, each time I try to start it, these windows appear.
    I've another laptop that runs with Winamp 5.65, no problem there. And I had no problems on this laptop before.

    Thanks for your help.

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    if using v5.666 build 3516 then that should not be happening. first check that is the version you're using (see the Winamp 5.666 release thread for downloads and plug-ins to patch).
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      It just doesn't work. I have the same problem with Winamp 5.666, windows 8 64bit. After 3 reinstalls, I gave up in downloaded an older winamp 5.623 from


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        what specific build number were you using? as there is no reason for it to happen with build 3516 and if it is happening we would need you to check a value in the registry for us or there's an ini setting which can be applied to disable the prompt (as I wouldn't use 5.623 due its age and the security issues it has) - I just don't have the link to had for the details as I'm on mobile currently.
        WACUP Project <‖> "Winamp Ramblings" - Indie Winamp Dev Blog