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Some modern skins have a color editor on one laptop, NOT on another one !

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  • Some modern skins have a color editor on one laptop, NOT on another one !

    Hi !

    I may not be in the right forum for this. My problem: I just downloaded the skin "Leviathan" on both my laptops. One is a large scren (18.5") Acer, the only one a smaller Sony Vaio (14").
    On the Acer, I have color themes (or rather color editor as it is called) --very nice. On the Sony, NO color themes.
    This has happened with a few other skins. I have never downloaded any color pack, the color themes or color editor comes automatically with the skin.

    Why on the Acer but not on the Sony? This is exactly the same skin. Is it due to the size of the screens?? When I right click on the skin main window, the "windows" (?) (is it the correct word for that?) are exactly the same, except that the skin on the Sony lacks the color editor.

    Hoping to hear from you soon,


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    You're mixing up some things:
    - "Color Themes" is the option to change the overall coloring of the skin. Not every skin has it. To check if it does, go to Preferences - Skins - Modern skins - select the tab "Color themes"; If it's empty is because it doesn't have any.

    - "Color Editor" is a program to MAKE those color themes, you probably ain't seeing it on one of your laptops because you just don't have it installed. You don't need it to use color themes (see above), you just need this to make new color themes (which is a whole, different and painful matter since is "advanced stuff" and the app itself is really buggy and old..)
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