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Runtime Errors + Other Errors with Modern Skins.

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  • Runtime Errors + Other Errors with Modern Skins.

    Hello !

    I've had horrible problems with modern skins, already on Winamp 5.65 but MUCH WORSE since I downoaded Winamp 5.666; before, I couldn't have one of those fancy .wal skin such as WooHoo-FER or GRAYZ or Invicta one after the other even if I minimised each skin before passing on to the other. There was an horrible window, "Microsoft C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error. Program Files\Winamp\Winamp.exe R6025 pure virtual function call".
    At other times, it was: "error parsing xml layer" and at other times it was "asynchronus entity at line 656"

    My only solution was to turn off my computer and start from scratch.Then, it worked... for one or two skins, then the same windows appeared . I forgot to say that each of those windows completely block Winamp.

    Now I downloaded Winamp 5.666, and since then I can't have ANY skin, not even the classic skins that worked perfectly with a nice viz... There's a window that asks me if I really want to use that skin, etc... I click "yes" (Winamp is in English) but nothing happens. I can click on all my classic skins which worked perfectly, none will now move !!

    Can someone help me?? Those skins, particularly the "fancy" ones , have turned Winamp into a nightmare. And still the music in streaming works... without any skin !!

    I use windows 7, Intel Core 7, ATI Radeon 5850 Graphics I GB, 8 GB memory. I have Malwarebytes anti- Malwares(which finds dozen of "pups" every time I start a seach!), an anti virus "suite", etc..

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    something is seriously messed up with your Winamp install if it's throwing such errors and i'd even go as far to say that something else present on the machine has to be causing the issues as R6025 errors and the like are absolutely not right and there's no reason for things to be failing as you describe with 5.666 even if updating from 5.65.

    so as a starting point, you'll need to provide an info report -> and also make sure to install the in_mp3 and gen_jumpex dll updates for 5.666 as per and see if the issue stilll persists (before providing the info report).
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      Runtime Errors + Other Errors with Modern Skins.

      Hi !

      On my other laptop, I'm unable to open any skin, I each time have these windows: Skin Warning Could not loas script 'C:\Users\UTILIS~1\AppData\LoCAL\Temp\WAS2CE.tmp\scripts/loadattribs. maki'
      Press 'OK' to continue OK

      Then I have another window: error parsing xml layer mismatched tag at line 68 OK

      Then if I click on the winamp icon in the taskber, I have this:
      Winamp 5.666 Build 3510
      Skin Warning
      error parsing xml layer

      This has happened hundreds of times this morning, I have many Classic and Modern skins in my skin folder c:\Program Files (X86)\Winamp\Skins

      I never had any problems until I started to add those old modern skins such as Invicta, GrayZ, Cell and Cell2 (which has a bug, and neither can be renamed...)
      I had Winamp 5.65 untill recently, the problem was the same.

      At other times, I have a runtime error, which forces me to log off as all is stuck and it's the only solution to be able to use the computer again !!

      I use Malware Anti-Malwares (which finds hundreds of "PUP" each time I run it), an anti-virus in good order, etc... I just get annoyed, when I had only classic skins, even very old ones over 12 years old, I never had all these problems. Is there anything wrong with those old modern skins?

      Thanks for your help. Have a nice day.



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        I've merged your newest thread into the last one you'd made and I suggest following what was last asked to do and to provide as 3510 is not a supported build (and this is third time you've been asked to install 3516 and provide information after looking at your posting history).

        and I have no idea what the hundreds of PUP are, but the more posts you make like this seems to reinforce that something is seriously wrong with the machine ( possibly even hardware failing) or some other software (maybe the A/V) is faulty and that's causing the issue. but without ruling out a Winamp setup issue, who can say what the issue is caused by.
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          PUP stands for potentially undesirable program. Since Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware has found hundreds, it appears ElectricFox has been installing free stuff from the web for years and his system could be very messed up by now.
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            probably time to just re-build the OS install...
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              Have you tried cleaning your computer of all malware?

              my long I spend something like once clean and everything worked perfectly, test.
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