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I can listen .m3u but not .pls

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  • I can listen .m3u but not .pls

    I can't liste radio playlist with extension .pls but I can listen playlist with extension .m3u.
    Do you know what to do to fix this problem?
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    please provide links of the playlists you're trying to play so they can be checked.
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        i've just tried that link and it works fine in v5.666 (build 3516 and the in_mp3 patch from without knowing what Winamp version you're using, it could be a bug in an older version or something is not right with your install.

        also what is the m3u playlist which does work?
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          I use 5.666 version and I was reinstall winamp and problem is still here. I have that problem in other players too. Sometimes I listen radio with AIMP and AIMP can't reproduce .pls playlists.

          this playlist works fine


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            if it's happening with other players, then it could just be an issue with the stream server at the time you're trying to access the playlist link.
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              I have this problem from January.

              I do not believe that the radio server overloaded becouse I can't listen radio few months.


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                then you probably need to try to contact the station directly to see if they are aware of stability issues. as i can only check against what i can and it's all working correctly and also that they've not banned you from accessing it (though i'd expect to see a different error message).

                so it could be the station being unstable, an issue with the internet connection between you and them (which i'm then not going to be able to replicate) or there is something else specific to your setup which is causing it.

                all of which would at least explain why it's not just Winamp specific, but i cannot give an exact reason for the problem you're having.
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                  I can't listen any .pls playlist, it is impossible that is every server overloaded.
                  I can't listen radio in my browser with flash player too.

                  I suspect that is problem on my system but I hope that you know what is happened.


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                    sorry but i just don't know what would be causing it to fail for everything on the system.
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                      What exact method are you using to add the .pls link to Winamp's playlist?

                      Does or just work/play ok if you just drag and drop it from here straight into the playlist, then double-click the playlist entry?

                      Does the link work if you add it via the Open/Add URL dialog in Winamp?

                      If yes, then assuming it's not working by e.g. clicking Listen/TuneIn .pls links, what internet browser are you using?
                      What's your Windows OS?
                      Have you tried emptying the internet cache (Windows Control Panel > Internet Options > Delete > Temporary Internet Files)

                      If no, then my reply is the same as DrO's :-)

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                        I solved problem with conection trough VPN.
                        ISP blocked streaming.

                        Thank you for support.