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Stereo input - 2.1 output

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  • Stereo input - 2.1 output

    Hello all!

    Does anyone know of a plug-in that lets Winamp output all my stereo music to 2.1 channel's?

    Thank's a lot.


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    Most 2.1 speaker systems direct the appropriate frequencies to their sub-woofer on their own. Yours does not do this?

    The MatrixMixer plug-in (link below) works with the DirectSound output plug-in to let you re-mix 1 or more input channels to multiple output channels. It will also let you re-sample the bit-depth and/or sampling frequency. Re-sampling may have little positive effect and could even degrade the sound quality.

    MatrixMixer lets you do much more than just mirror the input channels (which is what Windows' auto-fill feature does). It lets you tailor the re-mix for;

    1. Whether the source was encoded with stereo or joint-stereo effects (you can select how much volume from either or both input channels to direct to each output channel for separation/cancellation). For example, all of both channels, or all of one and some or none of the other, or all or some of one and the inverse of all or some of the other.

    2. Relative input and/or output volume balance or emphasis (there are level controls for each channel independent of the mixer) or automatic gain control,

    3. Selection of Bass redirection to the sub channel and the cutoff frequency, and

    4. Acoustic delays based on the distance of each speaker from the listener (can help simulate true multichannel sound).

    You could try setting Windows and MatrixMixer for 5.1 output (assuming your hardware drivers allow it) and just use the front and sub output channels.
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