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  • Detecting Android Device

    I've got a Motorola Droid MAXX with Android 4.4 (Kitkat). I'm able to detect my device in winamp version 5.66 but its not showing up as an "android device". It's listed as a device under Windows 7 and not a usb so there is no drive letter. Also, my phone states its connected as a media device (MTP).

    I'm able to transfer but it puts it under the devices Music folder in the following format: Music\Artist\Album\# Title. I'm wanting to remove the album folder and changing the filename. I've been doing some searching and it appears that there are Advanced options to call out these specific needs; however, the advanced tab is not there for me...I'm assuming since I'm not connected as android device.

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    MTP devices are handled by a different portable plug-in in Winamp which doesn't provide the advanced functionality which is why you're not able to find it. alas it's hard-coded to work in the manner being seen (and i'm not sure if the API which we use allows for finer control or not).
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