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Some Files Only Work After Restart

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  • Some Files Only Work After Restart

    Hello! I've used winamp for playing karaoke videos, but I've had this problem: Some of the video files work all the time, but some only work directly after restarting winamp. If another file is played first, they only show video without audio, but after restart they work fine again. Most of these files are ripped from dvds with a program called handbrake. I have no idea what could cause this, and I'd really appreciate if anyone could help me to fix it.

    EDIT: It seems that incorrectly working files are encoded with AAC(faac) or AAC(ffmpg), with for example mp3(lame) encoded files work correctly.

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    After some testing I noticed that actually most of the incorrectly working videos actually have mp3 audio. In winamp, the visualization is shown correctly, but there's no sound at the output. So I believe this isn't a codec problem as I first thought. I'm running out of ideas what to try next.