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  • Media Libray - Album View (Artwork)

    Hello all,
    I'm struggling for some time to make winamp media library to show only one record of the album when it has more than one artist (like a compilation CD).
    I know that you need to set Album Artist to VA to all mp3's in that album and then they will merge into one album, but I don't want to alter my mp3's ID3 tags.
    Is it possible to make an custom smart view in Media Library to filter by Album and not take in consideration Album Artist ?
    I've also tried an custom smart view with Filename, by matching the name (or a unique identification) of the folder which is organized by albums, but the filter is limited to an number of inputs.
    filename HAS "artist_1-album_name" OR
    filename HAS "artist_2-album_name" OR

    filename HAS "artis_n-album_name"

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    I'm not altogether sure I am following what you want to do or why, but afaik, the placeholders for artwork in winamp are determined by hard coded rules, and so if you don't use a single album-artist for all tracks on a compilation CD, then each artist will create its own art placeholder.

    in my usage, I put an album-artist on ALL files, and I also make sure common album names are differentiated, so that "Greatest Hits" becomes "Greatest Hits (Journey)" which can also help keep multiple albums from merging into one artwork.
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      Originally Posted by Dave Johnson View Post
      ... but I don't want to alter my mp3's ID3 tags.
      The media library is based around metadata. If you don't want to alter your tags to take advantage of sorting rules, there isn't much that can be done.
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