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  • Cannot Play MP4 Video

    HI, I am running a Dell XPS1, 64bit,windows 8.1.
    I have installed Winamp v5.666 Build 3516.
    I cannot play MP4 Video, the Audio of the file plays but no video.. AVI is fine.
    All associations are good as when I select the video Winamp opens, I hear the audio and that's it? The file plays fine on Windows Media Player but was hoping to use winamp for all my music and music videos etc..

    Any suggestions please.

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    Hi wrowles,

    I hope you also installed the 2 recommended plug-in updates. In any case, the native Winamp video decoders have trouble with some formats. You can replace the applicable decoder with a 3rd party decoder and setup Winamp to use it. There are several posts on how to do this (use the forum's search feature).

    You can remove all the native Winamp video decoders and use the plug-in developed by pbelkner ( Be sure to read his instructions on how to best use it.

    You can also download a video format converter and convert the video to a format that Winamp's native decoders don't have trouble playing. There are several available, try a few to find one that maintains the best quality after the conversion.
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      MP4 video support is/was a Winamp Pro feature... which is no longer available since the change of ownership...

      For non-Pro, follow the instructions here:
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