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Winamp not detecting multiple discs

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  • Winamp not detecting multiple discs

    So, I have a number of "double albums" in my library. A double album is an album that is split between multiple discs. Such as Pink Floyd's "The Wall" or Aphex Twin's "Drukqs". I always rip my cds to flac, and whenever I rip a double album, when you enter the metadata I set the tracks on the first disc to disc 1, and the tracks on the second disc to disc 2, obviously. If the album has nine tracks per disc, then the first group of ripped files (disc 1) would be labeled tracks 1-9, disc 1, and then the second group of ripped files (disc 2) would be labeled tracks 1-9 also, but the metadata of these tracks would be labeled disc 2. I never rip them like iTunes does, where it creates essentially two albums in the metadata, where you have per say The Wall[Disc 1] then The Wall[Disc 2]. I just have it as one album, but with tracks labeled to their respected discs.

    Anyway, this has always worked perfectly and this kind of metadata labeling flowed into foobar perfectly, but in winamp, when I select an album, it displays the first track of the first disc and the first track of the second disc right next to each other, since both tracks technically are labeled "track#1" although winamp fails to display the disc distinction. It does this for all tracks of that album, where the second disc's second track is jumbled with the first disc's second track and so on. It displays it this way in the playlist as well. If i press "view metadata for this track" it does show that there is a box for disc number, and it reads and displays whether it is disc 1 or disc 2, although in winamp itself if I start playing a double album it shows it like I described above.

    I was hoping that there is a way to get winamp to correctly display the metadata of these tracks. Thanks!

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    see i.e. what you're seeing is expected behaviour and you'd need to manually input the metadata as needed.
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      Originally Posted by DrO View Post
      see i.e. what you're seeing is expected behaviour and you'd need to manually input the metadata as needed.
      I looked through the thread that you sent, although I do not understand what the correct format would be for me to change my metadata. Would I have to relabel a track as the next track in the album, for instance disc 2 track 1 would be labeled track 10 if there were 9 tracks on the previous disc?

      I don't understand why I would have to do this as winamp clearly reads the disc number when I view the metadata, but just doesn't sort it correctly in the track viewer and playlist.

      Also, if this is of use, I never use gracenote, as I always manually put in the metadata whenever I rip a cd.


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        Nevermind, I found a fix.

        By right clicking over the track number column, and then selecting customize columns, I was able to add the "disc" column. After clicking it to sort from first to last it displays it all perfectly.


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          b/c I like to have the same exp in any app, I never use disc tags of any kind. instead I add something like " (CD1)" to the end of the album name. some people hate that, but it works 100% of the time anywhere it is used. it also allows me to see the artwork on a per CD basis, which is how I like it.
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