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Doesn't work with G910 media keys

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  • Doesn't work with G910 media keys

    I recently got a new keyboard, a Logitech Orion Spark G910. It has a standard set of media keys (play/pause, stop, next, prev). My last keyboard's media keys worked with Winamp with no configuration needed and at first I thought that was standard but now I see that I may have just been lucky. I'm trying to get the G910's media keys hooked up with Winamp but it doesn't want to work. Currently the play/pause key just resets the song every once in about 20 presses. The stop, next, and previous keys just don't work at all.

    I have gone into Preferences -> Global Hotkeys and enabled them and attempted to rebind the stop, play/pause, next and previous to the keys but when I go to set the hotkey, it doesn't pick up the key press to set the hotkey. I've tried setting them all to other keys and then back to the media keys but it still didn't register the keys. Does anyone know if I am just missing something silly? Is there a setting I've been too blind to see or does the G910 just have issues with Winamp? I've checked the drivers for the keyboard and it says that everything is up to date so I don't think it is the keyboard drivers. Is it possible that the Logitech gaming software could be the issue?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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    Potential FIX!

    Hi there I was experiencing this same issue, seems fucking stupid the global hotkeys are extremely difficult to get working.

    I copied this fix from a different forum which worked out ok for me, your mileage may vary!! I found it extremely frustrating because I had mine working and all of sudden they just stopped. FUCKING WINDOWS OS FRUSTRATIONS!

    - Go to controlpanel --> Performance and maintenance --> Administrative tools

    - Choose services and scroll down to find "Human interface devices"

    (right click on it and press START) .. the keys will work now, but to enable this on by default in the future go and do this:

    - Right click Human Interface Devices and choose properties --> and change startup type from manual to automatic


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      Thanks! That seems to have worked for now at least.


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        Another way is to start up winamp and go into Preferences then click on global hot keys then tick the enable box then click on a hot key set it to what ever key you want then click set.I have tested this for the orion spark g910 key board only and yes you set the media hot keys for winamp as well and they work while playing games also.I have only tested this for windows 7 but i doubt it matters.


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          Thanks! That seems to have worked for now at least.