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Looking for plugin to play m4a in Winamp.

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  • Looking for plugin to play m4a in Winamp.

    I'm actually going to use winamp to convert my M4A collection to MP3.
    Does anyone know when I can find a plugin to play the M4As?
    I know there was support in a previous version, but I'm not able to locate one in the most recent version of Winamp.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Winamp ships with M4A playback support, so maybe you need to re-install Winamp and ensure you're using the current patched installer from and that in_mp4 is present once you've done the re-install (you don't need to uninstall first!).
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      Like I said, great M4A converter!

      Not sure what happened there.
      It's working perfectly now.
      Thanks for your reply.


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        that plug-in is needed as you have to have something that can play the m4a files in Winamp to have it provide the audio data to the encoders. so my reply was correct, just maybe not properly worded having only just woken up and not taking in everything of your post (having focused more on the title of the thread). and there really was no need for the dunce image.
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          Install FFSoX Player plugin (in_ffsox.dll)

          Go to Options/Preferences, Plugins/Input, Nullsoft MP4 Demuxer ( in_mp4.dll). Use configure and clean the Extension List.

          Go to FFSoX Player plugin (in_ffsox.dll) and configure me have the next in the list: FLAC;MKV;OGG;WAV;WEBM;WV;M4A;

          Work for me with mp4 audio(M4A)


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            DrO, I I think he was referring to himself, or that's just my read of it anyway...

            my Q is for him, why convert m4a to mp3? I'm just curious. is it lossless, like ALAC eg? I would avoid, if possible, coverting one lossy format to another, mostly for quality reasons.
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