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Unable to use Winamp at all !

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  • Unable to use Winamp at all !

    Hi !

    I have the latest version of Winamp installed, plus SP1, and many skins. For several weeks, I've been unable to use Winamp at all, either to stream internet radio stations or to listen to music files. The main window of the skin (any skin) sort of opens, the sound goes down, a window opens saying Winamp isn't working, please close the program. I click on "close", another window,"cancel", I click, and Winamp is totally dead !
    I have in my downloads an old Winamp 5.65, I installed that one, exactly the same mess !
    What is so weird is to see the main window of the skin open !! It happens even with the cPro's or the Modern Skins (those don't open but stop and block Winamp) (or Winamp blocks them... :-))

    Has anyone had the same problems ??

    Thanks for your help !

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    what happens if you rename the folder: %APPDATA%\Winamp
    (your profile folder rename it to anything else, to start with a fresh profile)
    and start Winamp again? - Youtube Radio (buy me) - Contact Music & More